Takeovers, Service & Maintenance

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Maintenance & Servicing

At Gateway CCTV we provide our customers with the very best solutions and we take care in providing outstanding customer service. 

We are accustomed to taking over the maintenance and performing the upgrades of existing CCTV solutions on retail, commercial, industrial sites and residential properties making sure they are compliant and fit for purpose.  We offer several Planned Preventative Maintenance options suitable for your needs.

Business owners often come to us when:

  • They are relocated offices and an existing CCTV system is in place needing compliance
  • ReTheir existing solution is no longer fit for purpose
  • The quality of service, care and attention is not being provided by their existing supplier
  • The security company they originally dealt with has gone out of business
  • The contract they are under is no longer value for money
  • Needs are not being met by the existing security company

How to start a takeover process?

Contact us online or give us a call, provide us with details of your existing system:  Age, make, model, when the last service was performed, purpose for having the system and details of what you desire out of your system.

We will provide a no obligation review and quotation to fix any issues, upgrade any solution, takeover the service, assists you in making the solution compliant to NCP 104 (Issue 2) and provide maintenance and monitoring. 

Our engineers are qualified and experienced to assist you.

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