Commercial CCTV

High definition security CCTV within the workplace

We offer a range of CCTV solutions for all types of businesses helping to secure workplaces and promote health and safety.

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Up to date Video Surveillance / CCTV solutions have proven to deter crime and promote health and safety within the workplace.

Commercial / Industrial CCTV Solutions

At Gateway CCTV we recognise our commercial and Industrial client’s Video Surveillance / CCTV needs and the vast benefits a Fit-For-Purpose solution offers.

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CCTV Solutions For Your Business

Gateway CCTV specialises in Commercial CCTV Video Surveillance, Wi-Fi and Network Perimeter / Cybersecurity. We are passionate about providing the best possible CCTV Solution ensuring proper management and compliance for your buildings and working environments.

Ensuring standards met, our clients can rest assured knowing that Gateway CCTV solutions are designed to provide practical, efficient NCP 104 (Issue 3) compliant defence mechanisms.

We supply and install IP and Analogue CCTV systems to your requirements tailor-made for large and small commercial and industrial properties. We specify the latest up to date technically advanced equipment ensuring reliability and high-quality, usable video footage.

If you are upgrading your existing analogue solution or seeking to implement a new IP system we can help.

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Smart-Enabled Remote Viewing

With the latest smart-enabled CCTV camera solutions, you will be able to remotely view each camera no matter where you are in the world. All you need is an internet connection and one of our applications.

With our applications, you can be notified of events taking place right on your mobile device, and if you wish to have microphones installed, you can even have two-way communications with those in view. There is nothing better to make you feel secure than being able to see with real clarity what is happening in and around your home while you are away.

Monitor in real-time – Secure your premises – Reduce fraud and theft

Smart Enabled CCTV Solution with Remote Viewing
CCTV Solutions in Warehouse

CCTV For Health & Safety

Selecting a CCTV system for Health and Safety reasons is on the rise and we can help.

Our goal is to ensure at the design stage that all solutions presented will be capable of recording in high definition to provide you with a clear line of sight throughout your premises. One of the greatest challenges for any business owner or employer is health and safety compliance and with the right solution the monitoring possibilities are endless, including pinpointing hazards in real time so that immediate action can be taken.

Identifying dangerous behaviour and overcrowding in public places, and detecting unauthorised access that could lead to a health and safety breach is truly one the biggest benefits of installing CCTV cameras for monitoring health and safety of both your workforce and the general public.

CCTV Solution in Retail

It has been proven that operating a retail CCTV solution can reduce shrinkage up to 80% in most cases


Over 60% of Retail Criminal Activity can be typically traced back to workers within your business

Some of our Certified Commercial Partners

Mobotix Security CCTV Cameras


When you are after the very best image resolution and evidence, Mobotix is unrivalled. Offering many features such as cameras that provide two-way VoIP communication if you wish to communicate live. Powered by their custom patented Codex, image quality and clarity is staggering.

HikVision Security CCTV Cameras


HiKVision, offers a robust solution at an unmatched price point. HikVision is a CCTV manufacturer positioned to deliver one of the best professional entry-level solutions that will cater to the needs of many without compromise on image reliability, clarity, and functionality.

Avigilon Security CCTV Cameras


Avigilon offers the very best in terms of video analytics. Simple to use with amazing resolution. Powered by their industry game-changing Video Management Solution (VMS), Avigilon is at the top of the heap with all looking to emulate. If you want the best, give us a call, and we will show you the amazing possibilities.

We install our Commercial CCTV systems in compliance with NCP 104 (Issue 3)

We can help you stay safe!

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