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Our CCTV solutions are easy to use and offer real clarity of vision in HD even when viewing remotely with a mobile device.

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CCTV helps Police solve 88% more crime by recognizing thieves

Residential CCTV Solutions

Gateway CCTV supplies and installs Residential CCTV Solutions to your requirements, including tailor-made security camera systems for large and small properties. We specify the latest up to date technically advanced equipment ensuring reliability and high-quality performance from HD analogue solutions to IP systems.

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Avigilon HD Micro Dome Camera
Avigilon HD Micro Dome Camera
The Discreet Avigilon HD Micro Dome Camera

Choosing your CCTV Solution

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When selecting a CCTV Solution, our goal at the design stage is to present solutions which are capable of recording in High Definition, with smart-enabled remote viewing functionality, with a selection of cameras and recording devices that will offer up valuable evidence improving the likelihood of conviction should a burglary occurs on your property.

We will offer a choice of cameras suitable for the objective by first assessing your needs and budget. We will recommend options capable of delivering the best quality possible taking int consideration current lighting conditions as well as build and property layout.

We will propose various lenses and infrared solutions ensuring the scene, and the performance of the camera matches your goals and budget desired.

Smart-Enabled Remote Viewing

With the latest smart-enabled CCTV camera solutions, you will be able to remotely view each camera no matter where you are in the world. All you need is an internet connection and one of our applications.

With our applications, you can be notified of events taking place right on your mobile device, and if you wish to have microphones installed, you can even have two-way communications with those in view. There is nothing better to make you feel secure than being able to see with real clarity what is happening in and around your home while you are away.

Monitor from anywhere in real-time – Secure your cars – Watch your gates

Smart Enabled CCTV Solution with Remote Viewing
HikVision Pinhole Camera for Discreet Viewing

In-Home Discreet Viewing

Often an in-home security camera solution, as well as the external solutions, are requested. There are many scenarios we can think of that would require an internal CCTV camera system to be used, the most common is for peace of mind watching over the children while you are away or in another room.

We have systems available which include in-home security cameras, small enough to be very discreet, even pinhole-sized. Contact us today for more information.


Did you know that 75% of modern burglars use social media as a way to target properties?


CCTV security and alarms can decrease the likelihood of being burgled by up to 71%

New Build CCTV Solutions

Building a new home; we are experienced in installing Video Surveillance systems in new build residential properties.

We have an in-house Computer Aided Design (CAD) design team that can work with you and your architect at the design stage of the development to tailor the system to suit you and your family’s requirements. With our CAD services we have the facilities to deliver drawings in electronic format to create the state of the art security system design you desire.

New Build CCTV Solutions
CCTV Systems for building sites

Building Site Security CCTV Solutions

We offer a range of CCTV solutions to protect and monitor construction sites during build stage capable of remote live monitoring for your peace of mind.

With time-lapse solutions and 24/7 security, we can help you keep an eye on things throughout the whole project proven to reduce shrinkage, fly-tipping and monitor health and safety compliance.

Example CCTV Camera Ranges

Mobotix Security CCTV Cameras


When you are after the very best image resolution, Mobotix is unrivalled. Offering features such as two-way VoIP communication this German made CCTV solutions manufacturer is a quality innovation leader. Powered by their custom patented Codex, image quality and clarity is staggering.

HikVision Security CCTV Cameras


HiK Vision is the worlds largest video surveillance equipment manufacturer offering robust profession solutions at unmatched price points without compromising on image quality, reliability, clarity, and functionality.

Avigilon Security CCTV Cameras


Avigilon offers the best in terms of video analytics. Simple to use with amazing search functionalities powered by their industry leading Video Management Solution (VMS), Avigilon is at the top of the heap. Give us a call, and we will show you amazing possibilities.

We install our CCTV systems in compliance with NCP 104 (Issue 3)

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